Blaise Zimmer named new athletic director for MAPS

MARQUETTE — Blaise Zimmer has been named the new Marquette Area Public Schools Athletic Director, taking over for the departing Jamie Tuma. Zimmer is a native of Reese, MI located in the thumb about 15 miles east of Saginaw and he has a long resume involving athletics, playing basketball at Reese High School and then coaching after graduation. He then spent three years as the athletic director at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Saginaw. Zimmer believes athletics is an important part of the community because they know how much it means to the student–athletes.

“That’s the reason why I got into coaching as soon as I got out of the high school. That’s the reason why I’m still involved with athletics and that’s the reason why I have this job to begin with and why the job is a job because somebody needs to be able to do this and somebody can hopefully lead a program that’s going to develop student–athletes and make them better individuals and I think that’s why the community gets so excited about stuff like that,” said Zimmer.

He adds that he isn’t looking to make any immediate changes to the athletic department and just looks to build up its current success.

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