2015 U.P. Football Preview: Michigan Tech

HOUGHTON — The Michigan Tech Huskies made it to the NCAA playoffs for the second time in school history last season and were one play away from winning their first playoff game ever.

But it’s a new season and with a new season comes new changes at the quarterback position.

Junior Brandon Cowie, who was recruited as a quarterback out of high school, has spent the last two years catching passes from Tyler Scarlett. And with Scarlett gone, he is going back to his roots and is now currently the projected starting quarterback. Cowie spoke about how he’s handled another position change.

“I think it’s more of the mental side. At wide receiver, when you’re out there, especially when you got a guy like Tyler, you can just go play and be yourself and make plays out there. And now, you have to take a step back and be more collected, calm and cool, and really know what everyone’s doing and have everyone on the same page so it’s really that leadership,” Cowie said.

“He’s a great athlete. This past spring, he broke our quarterback record, all–time school record 40–yard dash and also the bench press. We’ve always known he is a great athlete. We may incorporate some things to take advantage of his athletic ability. but by in large, our packages are going to stay the same as its always been,” said head coach Tom Kearly.

A large graduating class may put a dent in the team’s overall talent level but don’t count out the underclassmen. Tech has been known to always get the most out of the youngest players on the team.

“We have young guys that are stepping up right now. We graduated a few people, here and there, on the defense. But I think all the young guys that are coming in, they’ve all played last year and I think that we’re ready to go for this season. We got guys with experience,” said defensive back Brett Gervais.

“Last year, I think we played 15 redshirt freshman and probably seven or eight other young people will probably play this year. That’s one class of 22 guys that are going to play for us and that’s only a second year class. We’ve got 14 seniors now and we expect a lot of leadership from them,” Kearly said.

Michigan Tech will open their season at home at Sherman Field on September 3rd against Wayne State.

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