MARQUETTE — Relaxation can be a science, at least with Coldwater Haven Studio of Yoga. The yoga studio partnered with the Northern Center for Lifelong Learning – or NCLL – to offer the community an informative class on yoga. The founder of Coldwater Haven, Dharmini Robertson says yoga is a 5,000 year old tradition the uses physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation or meditation. She says there is a science behind the relaxation that benefits the body through calming the nervous system.

Dharmini Robertson says, “A lot of the practices of yoga, and specifically YCat yoga, use these breathing techniques to activate the para–sympathetic which helps to calm down that activation, it calms down the muscles and helps them to find that relaxation response.”

Robertson says there are hundreds of different types of yoga, and people can attend different classes and types to target different conditions. The class she held for the NCLL was called YCat or yoga therapy for people with cancer or chronic illness.

“YCat yoga therapy,” Robertson added,”is a very specific to people who are dealing with a chronic illness or some reason that their body isn’t quite functioning in the way that they hoped.”

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