NEGAUNEE — With the amount of prestige that you would see in a stereotypical Yooper, the Mr. Upper Peninsula Pageant made it’s debut in downtown Negaunee.

The Mr. Upper Peninsula Pageant is well under way. These Yoopers, young and old, strutted their stuff on stage. Some with classic Yooper talents and some that would surprise you.

According to one of the judges, Paul Olsen, one of the great things about the Mister Upper Peninsula Pageant is that it’s going to totally change the way you perceive a Yooper.

Contestant Alex Herman says his favorite part about the pageant was meeting such a wide variety of Yoopers. He says this experience was new, but fun.

“It was definitely a different feeling, I’ve never done anything like that before,” Contestant Alex Herman added, “It was my first time singing in front of a crowd, but I enjoyed it a lot it was fun.”

Some Yoopers had no problem getting up on the stage and hamming it up, though, because it was all in good fun.

I have a tendency of making people laugh,” says Contestant Tim Tyler, “I like doing that, and that’s the most important thing, because the best medicine in life is laughter.”

PAAC’s inaugural male comedy pageant hopes to return next year, bigger and even better.

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