MARQUETTE — Father Tim Ferguson may have a new career, but he’s been around the block. His position as Associate Pastor for St. Peter’s Cathedral in downtown Marquette is his second career.

He entered the seminary right out of high school but took a break and did some traveling while still working with the Catholic church in different facets.

Father Tim Ferguson says, “The time that I spent away from the seminary, those 20 years, were a period of some wandering; but I also deepened my faith in Christ, deepened my understanding of the world. I got some hands–on experience paying a mortgage, struggling with a pay check, struggling with car payments, and bill payments and all of that, and made a number of really good friends, too.”

After working in canon law, or church law, and other positions he says he was called to a different career. Father Tim says he is happy to be in Marquette because of all the natural beauty and the natural kindness and honesty of the community.

“I’m looking forward into getting back, and doing some cross–country skiing,” he added, “Looking forward to just walking around Marquette this summer and getting to know the city better.”

Father Tim says everyone is welcome to stop by and pray or even just to chat. He can reached at St. Peter’s Cathedral in downtown Marquette.