The average human may be excited for this weekend’s picnics and fireworks, but the average canine is only excited about one of those. Guess which one…

Here’s a few do’s and don’t’s for pet owners this weekend to keep your dog safe and at ease.

  • Do keep an eye on your dog, always know where they are.
  • Do keep them away from sparklers for their safety and away from fireworks for their comfort.

Officials say most dogs get scared at the sound of fireworks and causes them to stress.

Community Outreach Coordinator for UPAWS, Ann Brownell says, “July Fourth is the largest day out of the whole year that pets get lost. July fifth is largest intake for lost pets across the nation for pet shelters. With that, it best usually to keep your pet home, not take them to the fireworks. Animals can get spooked very easily.”

  • Don’t feed them people food.

Keep them on their regular diet and dog treats. Feeding them bones may seem like a good idea, but that actually may hurt them. Just remember the old adage–it’s better to be safe than sorry.