MARQUETTE — You may not think you need sunglasses on these partly cloudy days, but you actually do.

With summer being partially here, believe it or not it is time to break out your sunglasses. The sun can cause eye damage to the skin around your eyes, but if you have a pair of UV 100 sunglasses, you are well protected.

“If the eyes are damaged by the sun, it is not always something you will notice right away, however we can occasionally get a sunburn on our eyes similar to what we get on our skin. if that’s the case just some lubricating eye drops will sooth the eyes.
If it is really bad you can come in and see us at the eye doctors.” Says Anna Baumgartner of Downtown Eye Care.

Not wearing proper eye protection such as a Polaroid lens can cause serious damage to the eyes with issues such as, cataracts, cancer of the eye lids, along with an abnormal growth around the eye.

“It is always important to wear your sunglasses, especially when it is sunny in the winters and sunny on the water, so even if it’s not a bright and sunny day and you are outside at the beach or on the boat or whatever, it is a great way to protect your eyes.
They don’t always need to be super dark, just as long as they are protecting the eyes from the UV rays.” Continued Baumgartner

Eye protection is extremely important for children as their eyes are more sensitive, they cannot filter UV rays as easily as adults.