GWINN — The Great Lakes Rodeo returned to the Marquette County Fairgrounds for its tenth anniversary.

The rodeo ran this weekend, Friday to Sunday, rain or shine. Events included team roping, rodeo performance and a barn dance. The rodeo isn’t all about horses though, there was also bull riding and more. According to Jesie Melchiori the rodeo offers different sights and experiences for all ages.

President of Great Lakes Rodeo Jesie Melchiori says, “It’s an action packed show. I mean, I like to explain it as somebody going to the movies, we’re just setting a different movie for you in a different type of stage.”

Another competition the rodeo offers is for Queen’s court. Young ladies of all ages can compete in respective age brackets for a title. They must show the crowd and judges their rodeo knowledge and skills.

2015 Great Lakes Rodeo Queen Contestant Gabrielle Wyckoff says, “We have a lot of promotional things that we have to go out and do. We have to speak to people tell them about the rodeo, get them here; we also are judged on our horsemanship, and how we ride our horse. We also have barn management, Miss Congeniality and things like that.”

After all the cash prizes are dispersed to the winners of each event, the rest is divided among different youth development programs in Marquette County that apply for grants. Click here for more details about the annual rodeo.