Competitors shoot, trap and golf for Yooper Triathlon

NEGAUNEE — When it comes to triathlons, running, biking and swimming may come to mind but when you live in the U.P. prepare yourself for shooting, trapping and a few holes of golf.

This weekend was the Sportman’s Triathlon, more affectionately known as the Yooper Triathlon. Teams geared up, aimed and shot at various targets from an array of distances.

“We have four-man teams that come from downstate Wisconsin and the U.P. here that are competing in this event. We are shooting 25 3–D targets, a round of trap here at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club,” said Shelley Saxwold, Straight Line Archery.

The triathlon is also targeting to raise money for UPAWS and the Pigs & Heat organization with novelty shooting events. It was aim, shoot, repeat with some hits and well, some misses.

“They take the shotgun and they lead, the move it right in front of it, so when they fire the clay bird will go right in front of all of the pellets. If they do it, they get a score. That is the basics of it, but doing it is not that easy,” said Allen Sandler of the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club.

The event wrapped up with nine holes of golf on Sunday at the Wawonowin Golf Club where prizes were awarded to the best of the Yooper Triathletes. You can contact Straight Line Archery at (906)486-6845.