Jeff Nyquist steps down as CEO of Home Health & Hospice

MARQUETTE — With the CEO, Jeff Nyquist, stepping down from Home, Health and Hospice, the group is restructuring to keep the legacy Nyquist started, going strong.

One of Home Health and Hospice’s most popular events is the “Dancing With the Stars” fundraiser. Nyquist, served as the CEO for seven. The groups says he set a wonderful legacy and fulfilling his mission is a challenge they look forward to.

“We want to keep things the same as far as how we interact with the public, with the community, how we handle operations and how we treat our employees. It’s been a family business for 40 years, there are still family members involved at the board level, they won’t let anything slip,” said Director of Operations David Aro, Home Health & Hospice.

Nyquist will be devoting his time to his new company, NeuroTrainer. It’s a start–up that he started back at Vanderbilt University where he discovered a technique to enhance visual functioning.

“We worked with blind kids and discovered a technique to regain substantial portions of their visual functioning. Our discovery is based on the idea of neuro–pasticity, where your brain can actually rewire itself if you are given really challenging tasks. Said Jeff Nyquist, President & Founder, NeuroTrainer. We believe that if we give this really challenging tasks to athletes, we are going to see really drastic improvements in their performance,” continued Nyquist.

Functions at U–P Home Health and Hospice are being handled by the executive management team that consists of three people with a combined 80 years of experience.