MARQUETTE — If you are still unsure of what to get dad for Father’s Day, well according to Men’sHealth Magazine, some favorites are; Liquor and liquor making kits, electronics and gadgets, including gadget watches that can even help with your golf swing. Hammocks are popular as well as underwear. But when it comes to the U.P., memories old and new are at the top of the list.

“There is a fair that we go to every year and we watch race cars, it’s really fun to watch. A lot of his phrases that he would say to me, like, I am against daughter dating. He has a T–shirt that we got him and he wears it whenever my friends come over,” said 11 year–old Cheyenne Ballard.

“Well it’s my first Fathers Day, so its my best Father’s Day, I have a little girl named Emelia and she was born on May 27th. Just spending time with my new daughter, the experience of it all,” added 1st time dad, Tony Ballor.

Yoopers also have to stand out and be unique. Especially when it comes to father day gifts and memorable experiences that can keep dad rolling all year long.

“Wives come in and actually buy him a bike for Father’s Day and we help facilitate the surprise for it. They love it, no matter what people say, when they sell their bike they immediately regret it, or if they have always wanted one. Once biking gets under your skin it will never go away. So this is a great opportunity to get them back into the sport even just for a day” said Brian Emigh, Harley Davidson Sales Manager, Marquette.

If you still can’t decide on a gift, some U.P. men tell us a day of uninterrupted time fishing or spent in the man cave will suffice.