Michigan Tech reduces tuition increase

HOUGHTON — Tuition rates at Michigan Tech will not be going up as much as first thought.

When Governor Rick Snyder signed the state’s $54.5 billion budget yesterday, he also approved a 1.6% increase in support to higher education. Michigan Tech’s Board of Trustees weren’t sure if the university would see any additional money when they passed their budget in May, so they approved a 3.9% tuition hike just in case.

With the state’s support comes the stipulation that tuition increases for residents remain below 3.2% so Michigan Tech lowered their average resident tuition increase for undergraduates to 3.1%.

“The House had one scenario and the Senate and the Governor had a different scenario,” said John Lehman, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing & Communications. “We went with the House’s scenario. It was at the time, we were planning for the worst but hoping for the best. Thankfully, all three parties came together.”

Non-resident tuition increase is 3.9% and graduate tuition will increase 5%, with a corresponding 5% increase in graduate assistant stipends.