NEGAUNEE — It’s always good to see local businesses thriving, and that’s exactly what’s happening at Midtown Bakery. Beginning on June 1st, Midtown will be adding a new ‘Grab-N-Go’ dinner menu.

The popular restaurant in downtown Negaunee known for their soup, sandwiches and bakery will be extending their hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m Monday through Saturday to give their customers more time to take advantage of this new opportunity.

“I cook all day long, so cooking dinner is not the first thing on my agenda,” said owner of Midtown Bakery Marybeth Kurtz, “so I was trying to think of what I would want, or what would I want to take to my dad, who’s not cooking a lot lately but I want him to eat a good and healthy meal. So I decided that if I cooked dinner for people, they can take it home, heat it up, and take it to mom or dad or whoever and it’s an easy alternative to having a good and healthy meal.”

The new options will be great for people who are busy, but still want to have a good home cooked meal.

“If you’re running out to camp you can stop in and grab meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, a side of corn and take it out to camp and you’re ready to cook dinner. You just have to heat it all up.”

At least three dinner choices will be available at a time, and will come fully cooked. The dinner options will change with the seasons to ensure the highest quality food is available. All of the usual menu items will be available during the extended hours as well.