Bikers sign up to help grow biking community

MARQUETTE — With warmer weather appearing more frequently, bikers will hitting the pavement as well as the trails. One local group hopes they will be able to help the cycling community grow and have a larger presence.

The Kitchi–mi–kana, or KMK, cycling group held their annual member sign up earlier today in hopes of returning to a more member based group in the community. One of the main goals KMK cycling has is to generate funds for cycling grant programs that will benefit not just other bikers, but everyone in the area and joining the group is one way to do that.

“If you support cycling in our community, if you support our grant programs, that should be the number one reason. If you support UP Cross, the cyclocross series, that would be another reason [ to join ]. If you want to be socially active in the cycling community in Marquette County, we are the all things cycling. We bring all of the forms of cycling together,” said KMK Cycling President Jon Kangas.

KMK holds weekly riding groups on Tuesday nights that is open to everyone who wants to ride, regardless of experience. Joining the group not only helps with the grant programs but also brings people together.

“Number one, the camaraderie, hanging around like minded folks. Tonight, obviously we are providing a little bit of food, hopefully we can get some people out to re–establish old friendships, develop new ones. Maybe give them some links within the cycling community for group rides, that type of thing,” said Kanges.

For more information about the group, including membership dues and how to sign up, visit their website KMK Cycling , or find them on KMK Cycling Facebook .