HOUGHTON — In order to help keep motorcyclists safe on the roads, several police stations are adding a new bumper sticker to their vehicles.

Over 13 different police stations have agreed to add new bumper stickers to their vehicles that say: ‘LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE, MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE.’ And while motorcyclists are all over the roads, the collisions are not the same.

“Car and motorcycle accidents are unequal,” said Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean, “the motorcyclist is always at great risk. There can be debilitating injuries for the rest of their lives and or death so it’s important that everybody pays attention.”

Over ten police officers from different branches gathered for a brief ceremony that took place Thursday in Houghton to introduce the new bumper stickers, including one Houghton Police officer who lost her husband in a motorcycle collision years ago.

“People need to be aware of their blind spots and what else is on the road,” said Houghton Police Officer Beth Maatta, “if it can prevent somebody else from having to go through what I’ve gone through, it’s all worth it.”

The goal of the bumper stickers is to raise awareness about protecting not just motorcyclists, but everyone on or near the roads.

“It’s not just us that you don’t see, it’s the kids on the bicycles and the pedestrians,” said Regional Coordinator Lewis “Kelly” Kellogg, “just kind of the small object that you’re not actually looking for. But that second look, just try it folks, you’ll be surprised how often you see something you didn’t see the first time.”

The message is simple: look twice, save a life.