MARQUETTE — Elementary school kids are able to get some healthy snacks for the weekend thanks to one local group formed by two parents looking to help families in need.

When school is not in session over the weekend, students who receive free or reduce breakfast and lunch may not be able to have anything to eat. That’s where JJ Packs come in help. JJ Packs is a weekend food pack program that provides healthy and nutritious food to children in need when school programs are not available. Despite packing more than 80 packs a week, the program is currently reaching only about 20 percent of those kids who could benefit.

“We’re glad we’re there to be able to help. We also are aware that there are children out there that aren’t receiving packs that could use them and we’re really hoping to get the word out there and reach more children in need,” said JJ Packs Co-Director and Founder Kevin Carr.

JJ Packs currently serves the Marquette Area Public Schools elementary schools and the group says their mission is to be a sustainable program as long as there is need. The program began in January and was inspired by one of the co–founder’s son who started a similar program himself.

“Kids have the best ideas in the world. We as adults just need to listen to our kids and other people’s kids. We need to listen to children because they know what they are doing,” added JJ Packs Co-Director and Founder Habby Vigfusdottir. “Children shouldn’t be hungry, it’s just not right and if there’s something I can do about that, I will sure do my best.”

Every week volunteers come in to help prepare the packs to ensure they are ready to be delivered to the kids before school gets out on Friday. Parents can sign their children up for the program by simply calling their schools. To learn more about how to sign your children up for JJ packs or to find out how you can help, visit their Facebook page here.