MARQUETTE — The ice outside is finally starting to melt, and the ice inside one local arena is disappearing as well.

Lakeview Arena is going through some changes as we transition from winter into spring. Both ice surfaces are now officially out of the rink as crews have begun preparations for some indoor spring and summer events.

“So we have anywhere between seven to 14 events on this dry floor every summer. Some of the big ones too take up the whole building like Hope Starts Here, the Kiwanis Chicken Barbeque. Those events take a lot of administrative prep. We have to clean the building and get the necessary utilities ready to go for them as well.”

The transition is not as easy you might think. Removing the ice requires a lot of help and time.

“We look at getting all of our special events going in this building, by getting the boards down and the ice out. With the coordination with Public Works, that plans on mostly getting Public Works over here with heavy equipment. Basically just peeling the ice up with some heavy loaders and a truck.”

When exactly the ice will return to Lakeview Arena has not been determined yet, but have no fear, it will be back before you know it.