Meth defendants appear in Circuit Court

MARQUETTE — Friday was a busy day in Marquette County Circuit Court for meth related cases. Two defendants received their sentences and three more appeared for arraignments.

32-year-old Julianne Bradbury was the first to appear. She was arrested in December in connection with a meth lab discovered on Maurice Street. She was sentenced on one count of delivery of a controlled substance. Bradbury requested an alternative to a lengthy prison sentence, such as therapy or random drug testing.

“Please allow me this chance to prove to you that I have grown and I will succeed, and this time I will not…I will not fail,” said Bradbury.

“You appear to have done very well in the jail, as I said, and taking advantage of things available to you. I’m forced to conclude that’s simply not the case when you’re not under that degree of supervision and structure and that your behavior when you have been on parole in the past, and this time as well, has been contrary to that,” replied Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

Bradbury will face two to eight years behind bars, with no credit for time served as she was on probation at the time of her arrest.

42-year-old Spencer Emard was the next to receive a sentencing, and he chose to represent himself. Emard was arrested in January for operation or possession of a meth lab or meth lab equipment.

“I’ve never ever had more regret, more disgust with myself than I do this very day, and since it all happened,” said Emard, “It’s amazing how I’ve thrown my life away and I just hope that the court decides to go with Prosecutor Wiese’s and I’s agreement.”

“You’re going back to prison, you know that, you seem to think you deserve it. So I think the sentencing agreement is appropriate and I think that you do need to go back to prison. But, don’t stop trying if you have that commitment. Next time you get out, make sure you take better advantage of your resources but you have the opportunity to put that behind you and continue to try to find ways to make the remainder of your life meaningful and it isn’t too late to start trying again,” Judge Mazzuchi added.

The three final defendants were 19–year-old Kyle Dorrow, 24-year-old Bradley Merrills, and 37-year-old Daniel Tonge. The three were arrested at the beginning of the month for allegedly making meth on a snowmobile trail in Ishpeming Township.

Dorrow was the first to appear. As part of a plea agreement, he pleaded guilty to possession of meth and had three other charges dropped. That’s a 10-year felony and he’ll be sentenced May 8.

Bradley Merrils was up next. His attorney requested to reschedule his plea hearing and he’ll appear for that and a scheduling conference next week.

The final defendant, Tonge, was also unable to move forward today. Due to a clerical error, his attorney didn’t make it to the arraignment. His next appearance has yet to be scheduled.