MARQUETTE — As summer gets closer, so does the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Beacon House.

The UP Celebrity Golf Classic raised over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars last year, and the Beacon House hopes to raise that much and more to keep their operation functional.

“We’re not supported by any major corporation or hospital,” said CEO Mary Dowling, “we’re not funded by anyone except these wonderful sponsors.”

This summer will mark the fifth year of the fundraiser and feature some returning celebrities along with new ones as well.

“Captains Monty and Keith Colburn from ‘The Deadliest Catch,’ Jay Feely is coming back, of course Steve Mariucci, we’ve been talking to Tom Izzo, he’s going to do his best to be here. They come from the goodness of their heart, and a lot of times they come from very far away.”

Preparation for this year’s event started last July, which includes thanking the previous celebrities who came, recruiting celebrities for the next year and reserving necessary personnel and services.
The scheduled dates for this year are June twenty–fourth and twenty–fifth.