MARQUETTE — There’s cause for concern these days for the Peter White Public Library.

The library is no longer open on Sundays. And if the Michigan Tax Tribunal rules in favor of We Energies, the library could also close soon on Mondays.

If the tax tribunal rules in favor of We Energies tax appeal, the city of Marquette would be out one–point one million dollars in tax revenues. The library is dealing with a number of budget issues. They must compensate for lost revenue, both from the state and tax reforms.

“I think people have really taken notice of how the Michigan tax tribunal decisions are effecting a variety of institutions in Marquette,” said library director Pam Christensen.  “People have wanted to do online fundraisers, or other activities, to try and help the library. And we have seen an upsurge in donations.”

The Marquette City Commission has pledged to help the library in any way that they can. For now, the library will continue to operate as usual.