Cinder Pond Marina construction plans underway

MARQUETTE – The Cinder Pond Marina is one step closer to being rebuilt.

A community input meeting was held Tuesday night in Marquette. Construction designs were presented and residents got to give their input on everything from the look of the roof, flooring and even materials used.

This is a step forward for the Cinder Pond, and residents appreciated that their opinion mattered. But, not everyone was happy about the lack of input they had regarding Presque Isle rebuilding changes.

“Well it’s nice to have public input on these things. I expressed my disappoint for the Presque Isle launch Tonights meeting was for Cinder Pond and the issue is pretty much closed for on the launch facility without a public meeting so it’s pretty much a done deal,” said Marquette boater Joe Buys.

The Marquette City Commission hopes to have the project ready for biding in late April with a new marina ready to open for the 2016 boating season.