Peters introduces bills to reduce government spending

WASHINGTON D.C. — U.S. Senator Gary Peters introduced a pair of bills today that would reduce government spending.

Peters, along with Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), have come up with a pair of bills that would reduce the cost of some government agencies that overlap responsibilities. Peters says that these bills would go along way in making the government as efficient as possible and reduce the nation’s debt at the same time.

“An example of that is catfish inspection,” said U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D–Michigan). “We have multiple government agencies that oversee the inspection of catfish, which means a lot of money is spent that doesn’t need to be spent”

“I do believe that you do have to have one agency that oversees catfish to make sure that if you are buying catfish that it’s safe, it’s been inspected, and there aren’t any health issues,” Peters went on to say. “But, we don’t need multiple agencies doing that. It causes confusion and it causes cost. Our bill would streamline that to just one agency.”

The bills will have to get through the Senate Rules and Administration Committee before they are brought to a vote in the house and the senate.