MARQUETTE – Plans for the former Holy Family Orphanage Redevelopment Project have taken a step forward.

The Marquette City Commission approved a payment in lieu of taxes for Home Renewal Systems LLC. This will allow the company to apply for Federal Low Income Tax Credits from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. The commission voted in support unanimously because getting work done on the building has been long overdue.

“We’ve been trying to do something with the orphanage for years and we’re just really pleased that a company with good experience has come up and established a relationship with a lot of groups in the community that work with homeless people and people that need affordable housing,” said Marquette Mayor Mike Coyne.

Mayor Coyne added that they have received overwhelming support for this project and want to get it started as soon as possible.

“I have not met anybody who doesn’t want to have that orphanage be something, starting with people who were orphans at the orphanage to people who work there, the hospital and the church. It’s just something that everyone wants to have restored and it’s just been a horrible eyesore for many years,” said Coyne.

A public hearing on the matter was scheduled for a meeting on March 9. Home Renewal Systems LLC will also be present for that hearing to take questions and concerns.