Students compete in Scripps Regional Spelling Bee

MARQUETTE — Can you spell “antidisestablishmentarianism”? Words like that were on the table for the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee held earlier today in Marquette. Students from four different age groups competed for a chance to go to the national Scripps Spelling Bee that will be held in Washington, D.C.

They had to deal with some tricky words, whether it was remembering that silent letter or adding a vowel. The event had already been postponed several times in the past week due to weather issues. But the students didn’t mind, as it left more time for them to get prepared.

“The students usually when they get their list, they go home and start studying immediately. A lot of them spend an hour a night studying. Some of them spend the weekend studying so a lot of them really hope to advance and be part of the U.P. finals,” Event Coordinator Sara Cambensy said.

Marlee Mathews from Marquette was the winner for the 8th grade level, winning on the word “behavioral”.

The top two winners will advance to the U.P. Finals on March 11th in Negaunee.

Fifth Grade
1st Olivia Bohl Marquette Area Public Schools
2nd Susanna Suardini Negaunee Public Schools
3rd Rebekah Gethers Marquette Area Public Schools
4th Gabriella Rautio Negaunee Public Schools
5th Rosie Hansen K.I. Sawyer/Gwinn Community Schools
6th Natalie Prophet Aspen Ridge Elementary School
7th Gavin Scott Ishpeming Public Schools
8th Talon Dishno Aspen Ridge Elementary Schools
9th Gavin Pomeroy K.I. Sawyer/Gwinn Community Schools

Sixth Grade
1st Rebecca Ryan Aspen Ridge Elementary Schools
2nd Madacyn Helstein Aspen Ridge Elementary Schools
3rd Elise Wilcox Marquette Area Public Schools
4th Grace Rexford Negaunee Public Schools
5th Samantha Heikkila Marquette Area Public Schools
6th Alexis LaCombe Negaunee Public Schools
7th Tyler Belongia Gwinn Community School
8th Dawson Dolby Gwinn Community School
9th Jessie Beliz Ishpeming Public Schools

Seventh Grade
1st Leandra Bruggink Marquette Area Public Schools
2nd Emily Mannor Gwinn Community Schools
3rd Cali Cromell Marquette Area Public Schools
4th Raena Larson Negaunee Public Schools
5th Hallie Roos Gwinn Community Schools
6th Emily Vercoe Negaunee Public Schools

Eighth Grade
1st Marlee Mathews Marquette Area Public Schools
2nd Tucker Borlace Negaunee Middle School
3rd Emma Locknane Gwinn Community Schools
4th Akiryanna Johnson Gwinn Community Schools
5th John Skendzel Marquette Area Public Schools
6th Thomas Bagley Negaunee Public Schools
7th Azreal Vollmar Ishpeming Public Schools