Missing elderly Illinois man found in Luce County

MUNISING — An elderly Illinois man reported missing in his hometown yesterday has been found in northern Luce County.

The Alger County Sheriff’s Department says he is Marco Santi, 86, of Glenview, Illinois. His disabled vehicle was found shortly before 11:00 this morning about eight miles east of Grand Marais. Santi’s vehicle was on an unplowed road that is used as a snowmobile trail in the winter.

A member of Eastern U.P. Search and Rescue was able to make it to Santi’s vehicle and helped Santi make it back to Grand Marais safely. A Michigan State Police trooper verified Santi’s identity in Grand Marais and made sure that family members were on their way to reunite with him. Grand Marais members also kept Santi company and provided lunch and hot beverages while he was waiting for his family.

Alger County Sheriff Robert Hughes says that Santi was reported to have some dementia issues, along with other medical conditions. Police were also focusing their search efforts in northern Illinois, and Sheriff Hughes says the detective in Illinois handling the case was surprised to hear that Santi was found so far away.