Student members to serve on MAPS board

MARQUETTE — Marquette Area Public Schools, held their first 2015 Board of Education meeting last night. The meeting laid out the overall plans for the coming year and welcomed their two newest board members. It was also the first meeting for the two new student members. Two high schoolers who are nervous yet excited about this opportunity.

Student Member Mallory Grugin had this to say, “It’s definitely intimidating, especially meeting with the superintendent because he is the one who makes all the really big decisions.”

“I know there are a lot of kids that would like to be on the school board so maybe if we could have 3 student members that would be nice,” added Chloe Wilkinson.

“It’s also exciting to be able to put in my own input because I have been in the Marquette school system since I was little and in the past when there has been an issue I didn’t have any say and now I do, I get feedback from all the other students and bring it back to the school board and let them know, so it’s really exciting,” said Grugin.

School board members serve 4 year terms and student members serve one year terms.