Delta County animals get new home with shelter opening

The Delta County Animal Shelter had a very exciting day today, complete with a parade and dancing mascot.

The festivities were all in celebration of the brand new shelter facility that opened today. The shelter staff and around 35 volunteers created their own parade to bring every single animal from the old shelter to the new. Jahne Hupy had the honor of bringing the first furry friend to his new home.

“He was a sweet little dog that’s looking for a home and I think this sweet little dog already has somebody who wants him and so we got here just fine,” said Hupy.

The new shelter is vastly improved from the old one. The space is much bigger and includes socializing rooms for families to meet potential pets. In addition the new shelter has a medical suite, dog behavioral classrooms, and even a children’s classroom. Shelter staff hope that the new space will be safer and more comfortable for both people and the pets.

“It’s emotional. I look back at all the animals we’ve cared for, all the animals we’ve saved and then look to the future at how many more are going to come through these doors that we will be able to safely get to new homes,” said Susan Garland, shelter manager.

The shelter will be closed for about a week and a half to allow the animals to get comfortable in their new homes. The grand opening and ribbon cutting will take place on January 22nd.