Seat warmers in cars have both comfort and health benefits

MARQUETTE — Another winter luxury or comfort item you can add to your vehicle to help deal with these frigid temperatures when driving… seat warmers.

Seat warmers can be added after market to most vehicles and the cost isn’t as much as might be expected. There are also health benefits for those with some degree of aching bones, muscles or joints.

“It’s just a really nice feature especially when you have leather seats and you hop in the car and they are not frozen and brittle, it’s pretty nice little edition,” Driven Sound & Security owner Jeremy Lambertson said. “The biggest thing is, a lot of people don’t realize with the newer cars, we can actually put them in canvas seats as well as leather seats. Leather gets pretty cold, especially when you have frigid temperatures like today. It goes right into the seat, and you don’t even know it’s in there until you hit the button and it’s warm.”

Seat warmers cost just over $200 each and require about half a day to install.