(D) Rep. Scott Dianda sworn into office today

Representative Scott Dianda was sworn into office today to serve a second term in the Michigan House of Representatives. The swearing–in ceremony was held at the Ishpeming Township Hall. The event was open to the public as Dianda wanted an opportunity to be able to speak with the people he represents. And out of the 50 townships he oversees, , some were surprised he chose Ishpeming.

“All of the counties I represent are very important to me, I have six and a quarter counties. Marquette county I share with Kivela and I want to make sure everybody knows that no matter how big or small a township that I am there to assist them, said Congressman, Scott Dianda. (D) Calumet.

Ishpeming Township resident Kori Tossava says “A lot of us who live in the township think they are doing a fantastic job of re–utilizing the deer lake area and creating some recreation priorities for some of the countryside that we have here. I think they are going in a fantastic direction and I hope to see them continuing to do so,”

Dianda also adds, “The first thing on my agenda to get accomplished is getting the money we need for the U.P. We have a lot of our officials here from Marquette County here tonight. They need to get the money that was promised to them when they had the freeze last winter. The governor made a promise to get the money and we need the money now.”

Dianda’s House District one–ten is also responsible for 24 school districts.