Making use of wrapping paper after the holidays

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas and all the gift giving and wrapping, you often have left over wrapping paper. But don’t throw it out, and if you find some on sale, stock up.

Wrapping paper has a variety of uses and at this time of year you can find some bargains. You can use it as a backdrop to take photos, as a table runner or use it as a place mat.

Dollar Store General Manager Kevin Staton said “We have some really artsy customers and they’ve told me how they can take a picture frame and take some wrapping paper with a nice Christmas scene and use it as a picture for the holiday season as well as take the wrapping paper and put it through a paper shredder and make confetti.”

After Christmas sales are a good opportunity to stock up on wrapping paper. Another post–holiday savings method is to buy candles now so you’ll have them all year long.

The scented ones can be stored in drawers to add a nice aroma – or put them away in your Christmas decorations to use next year.