Dog attack on State Fairgrounds results in lawsuit

ESCANABA — A springtime dog attack at the U.P. State Fairgrounds in Escanaba has led to a federal civil suit being filed in Marquette.

Victoria Eden, 33, of Escanaba filed the $300,000 civil suit against two Wisconsin residents, Mathew Cagle and Heather Boudreau, the owners of the unlicensed German shepherd.

The incident happened on May 21st in the campsite area of the U.P. State Fairground. Eden, who was a registered camper, was visiting a friend’s site. The victim was attacked shortly after the dog’s muzzle was taken off at a neighboring site.

Eden tells ABC 10 the dog did not growl or bark, but rather just lunged from the neighboring campsite, knocking her off a law chair and biting her nose.

Eden still suffers lasting effects of the attack both emotionally and physically and requires more surgery, according to Eden’s attorney, Mickey Larson, a former Escanaba resident living in downstate Sparta.

Larson said Eden drove herself to the emergency room after the dog owner’s would not take her for medical attention. Eden says she is now scared of dogs she doesn’t know.

The lawsuit also seeks attorney’s fees and other expenses.