Ishpeming or Ol” Ish as some call her, got into the spirit of Christmas. Downtown was transformed into a merriment of holiday good tidings. Many downtown streets were closed off for the merriment and the cotton candy and hot chocolate stands were among the popular stops. There were plenty of warming stations at every corner to keep the fun going and everyone warm. Merriment from kids couldn’t be contained.

“This time of the season is great is great because it is just before Christmas and the holiday spirit is everywhere and it’s so much fun, you can have lots of fun with your family and friends,” said Brook Johnson, Ishpeming Resident”

Walking the streets of Ol’ Ish were goats to be petted and ponies to be ridden. And a Christmas celebration wouldn’t be complete without sleigh rides and a visit from Santa.

“I want a real kitchen and an easy bake oven,” said Kloui Hannons.

“Red leather boots, because they are cute,” added Daniella DeRoche.

Sonnet DeRoche said she needs “A special chair,” it’s a chair that you sit in and when you are stressed out it turns on with little orby thingy’s.”

And Jack DeRoche was straight to the point, “I want a robot.”

But we had to check in with Santa on the naughty and nice of Ishpeming, “They are all so nice they have been good in school, they are behaving their parents and are courteous. It’s always a pleasure to come into Ishpeming and see all the little girls and boys.”

And when kids weren’t eating, drinking and petting, it seems just some good old snow was good enough for a fun time.