ESCANABA — Escanaba Public Safety officers responded to reports of a suspicious pop bottle leaking noxious fumes in an alley Monday.

Officers were called to the 800 block of 13th Street at approximately 1 p.m. and confirmed it as a meth dump site.

A homeowner discovered the site in a recycling bin in the alley by their home. While disposing of the bin the homeowner was overwhelmed by the fumes and felt a burning sensation in their lungs. The homeowner then sought treatment at OSF St. Francis Hospital and was released.

Escanaba Public Safety notified UPSET of the site who responded to clean and dispose of the hazardous materials.

Escanaba Public Safety and UPSET want to warn residents to be careful while observing strange items in or around garbage cans, recycling bins, and public areas. They say items to be wary of include 2-liter pop bottles with interior rust-colored sludge residue, lithium batteries that have been cut in half or pulled apart, plastic bottles with rubber tubing attached, and coffee filters with rust-colored residue.

If you see any of these items and observe noxious fumes coming from them, police advise not to touch them. Call your local law enforcement agency immediately.