Ice rescue team prepared for any situation

MARQUETTE COUNTY — There was only one instance last year where the Marquette County Ice Rescue Team was called out to save someone who fell through ice.

Cpl. Errol Lukkarinen said while the ice rescue team was only called out once, there could have been other reported incidents.  When the ice team gets called out to an incident, they have equipment ranging from wetsuits and rope to a special sled to carry anyone that’s injured.

“With our ice rescues (all members) are trained the same way,” Lukkarinen said. “We have a multitude of different tools we can put in our tool box, and we’ll evaluate what types of equipment we’d use on a type of rescue we’d have. This is a Marsar Sled. It’s a flotation device that we could use to pull our rescue people across the ice and also grab the victim that might be in the water and then pull him (or her) out also.”

Lukkarinen suggests bringing a heavy-duty personal flotation device if you’re going out on the ice, in case you happen to fall through.

“They make regular vests you can wear, they make jackets you can wear–regular snowmobile suits that have flotation devices built right in them,” he said. “You also want to have some type of ice awls or ice picks, a screwdriver, something you can pull yourself out of the water if you do break through.”

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says that no ice is safe ice. If you’re venturing out on frozen lakes and streams, check the ice conditions.