NMU Icers look to ace finals & Bemidji St.

MARQUETTE, Mich. – The Wildcats were no doubt disappointed with last weekend’s series against Bowling Green. NMU gets right back at it in two days time at Bemidji State. But before the ‘Cats can leave town, they are dealing with a number of off–ice issues, otherwise known as exams.

It’s finals week at Northern Michigan, so the student–athletes on the hockey team have been focused on taking care of business in the classroom. With guys taking exams at all hours of the day, Walt Kyle said this afternoon that getting all of his players to practice at the same time has been a challenge.

“Our practices this week are really spotty– we never have a complete roster,” said Kyle. “We have to let the guys take care of business in school. You also have to manage fatigue a little bit because guys are up studying and trying to get stuff done.”

“You just have to manage each week and each game one at a time and do the best job you can,” Kyle added. “We weren’t happy with what we did a week ago and we’re going to come back and try and be a much better team on Friday.”

“For us to be able to finalize and finish off with a couple of wins would be really nice,” said NMU co–captain Ryan Kesti. “Guys are going to be energized. Everyone is excited when school’s done and you have a little bit of extra energy.”

“Finals are kind of tough on the mind and that ends up carrying over to your body,” said NMU co–captain Jake Baker. “Having exams done and then just playing those two games will be much easier when you’re not worried about school.”

Puck drop between NMU and Bemidji State is set for 8:37 p.m. eastern Friday and just past eight p.m. on Saturday.