MARQUETTE — Seniors from Northern Michigan University’s School of Art and Design are showing off their skills this month.

Student works both functional and fantastic are currently on display at the DeVos Art Museum. The pieces are the culmination of the numerous things the art and design students have learned during their years of rigorous coursework.

“This class is more relaxed versus everything else, because we did it, we’re done, so now we get to show off what we did,” said photography major Candice Inc.

The exhibit features fields of study ranging from human centered design to digital cinema. While some students started all new projects for the exhibition, others continued to expand upon past works.

“You need a lot of time to critique all of those fine details, and during my final critique there were still a lot of things that I had to fix, so I decided to continue working on an old project to make it better and improve on it, because that’s something I wanted to show,” Inc added. “It taught me that I always have to keep working on my work, because it’s never actually done, and there’s still things I could do with it right now.”

The senior artists’ exhibition will be on display until Friday, December 12th. A final reception is being held at 7:00 that night.