Firearm deer season numbers continue to be below average

MARQUETTE — As deer season plows on, the deer check in stations across the U.P. share one fact in common: lower numbers compared to years past.

Looking at four of the check stations spread across the region at of Friday, November 21:

  • Baraga: 64, down 34% from 2013 and down 49% over a three-year average
  • Escanaba:  285, down 24% from 2013 and down 40% over a ten-year average
  • Marquette:  93, down 57% from 2013 and down 62% over a ten-year average
  • Sault Ste. Marie: 14, down 33% from 2013

The wildlife biologists at each office all agreed that the contributing factors to this year’s low turnout included the harsh start to the season, between frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall.  They also agreed that the overall deer population is down as a result of the past couple of winter’s being hard on the area.