Residents pitch in to help stuck driver in winter snow storm

As this is officially day two of the first winter snow storm of the winter season in the U.P., residents have told us they are hoping this is not an indication of the winter to come.

Venturing out today there were lots of empty streets, school closings and quite a few closed businesses. For those that did decide to venture out it wasn’t an easy task.

Many were maneuvering the gigantic snow banks on almost every corner, dusting snow off cars, scraping ice off windows and trying to snow blow it all away. For some, getting stuck was the worst of it all. But in the U.P. you are never stuck for long. The helping hand of strangers are never far away.

In Ishpeming, the city manager, Mark Slown, can even be found lending a helping hand. When you’re knee deep in ice and snow, it’s all about helping a fellow neighbor, something known as the ‘U.P. way’.

One helper had this to say, “Because I have been getting stuck all day and people have been helping me so why not , it’s what you do.”

Another added, “Same here, been stuck before so you have to help people out.”

“I just wish that someone will be there for me when I am stuck on the side of the road so I always stop to help if I can,” said an additional volunteer.