M.A.P.S. substitute teachers get raise

A lot of U.P. school districts are having a very difficult time in finding substitute teachers. Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education recently addressed the issue.

A pay increase was suggested so they could be more competitive with other districts. Marquette has 300 public school teachers, and just as recent as last week there were not enough substitute teachers to cover the absences.

“I’ve been a substitute teacher, it’s a hard, difficult and challenging job. I believe they should look into a rate increase. They are getting an incredibly low pay for what we are asking them to do. To come into a classroom that they are not familiar with to command respect and get something accomplished on the day that a teacher is absent.”

Right now, when there are not enough substitute teachers, they ask current teachers to fill in during their preparation time but that decision is not economically feasible.

“It just doesn’t add up, it’s more expensive to pay teachers to sub in their prep times than it is to raise the rate to subs by even $10,” continued Jenson.

Not only did the board consider the proposal, they approved for substitute teachers to now receive $75 a day instead of the original $65.

Also approved was an increase for building custodians, kitchen workers, noon supervisors, aids and bus drivers. Substitute hires are needed in all areas of the school. If you are interested in a sub position visit www.mapsnet.org for more information or call the the HR Director at (906) 225-5410.