Superior Hills elementary school gets library grant

Some additional good news was dished out at the Marquette Area School Board meeting for a library grant. This good news came with some cash from the Michigan Land of Big Books by Melissa Peterson.

Some joyous readers were present with their teachers to accept the grant. Superior Hills library is the recipient of the grant money for it’s library. The third and fifth graders attending has a few ideas on which books should be purchased.

3rd grader Jayne Holder suggested, “Michigan books about animals and about Michigan.” Her classmate Jaya Longton added “I think it is really cool that we have all this money so we can buy books for the school.”   Fifth graders, Arima Holder, Jordan Haynes and halle Paternoster suggested these books, “Dork Diaries, we need at least 5 Dork Diaries and then Percy Jackson. Halle needs some new Percy Jackson. I really like Percy Jackson and I have read all of them so we need new ones, yea.”

A total of almost $4,000 in various grant monies was given out at the meeting to different projects from the Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation.