Rally Car racing in the Copper Country

HOUGHTON – Friday in the Copper Country was the kickoff of the oldest, toughest and meanest rally car race on the circuit. Despite the wet conditions, the drivers were ready to roll.

The Lake Superior Performance Rally features some of the best drivers in the world including last year’s winner Mark Higgins and motocross legend Travis Pastrana. Rally Chair Sue Martins spoke about what brings these drivers back to the Copper Country.

“It’s usually because this time of the year the colors are out. The roads are challenging and a little difficult. They’re all dirt…there’s no tarmac stages and nothing on a paved road. So you get everything from rolling to holes to mud,” said Martins.

Drivers will travel more than 400 miles through Houghton and Baraga counties, with 128 of those miles on the actual course. We’ll have the results of the race on Monday.