Local company uses helicopter on bridge project

CHAMPION — Construction workers at Craig Lake State Park took advantage of an uncommon form of transportation Thursday to get their project off the ground.

Associated Constructors, LLC, of Marquette took to the sky to help move Redi-mix concrete from their mixing trucks to a remote area on the North Country Trail.

“Just the logistics of how to get it there – we weighed it, whether to try to carry all of the materials over by barge and mix it over there by hand or use a helicopter and do it that way,” said James O’Dovero, Manager of Associated Constructors, LLC. “We believe using a helicopter is a more efficient, effective way.”

The company is using the airborne hauler to help build a foot bridge on the trail for the Department of Natural Resources. When all is said and done, the bridge will likely remind hikers of a certain familiar Michigan span.

“That’s what we call it in the office,” O’Dovero said. “The mini-Mackinac we’re building. It’s an 80 foot clear span cable-suspended bridge.”

Wednesday’s weather kept the chopper grounded, but the materials were flying smoothly on Thursday. This is the second time that Associated has used a helicopter to work on a hard-to-reach job.