Aspirus adopts electronic record keeping

LAURIUM — A new way to keep track of patient records has been introduced at Aspirus hospitals.

A new electronic health records system called Epic will now be used at Aspirus Keweenaw, Ontonagon and Grand View hospitals. The implementation of this system allows Aspirus staff to chart patients electronically instead of keeping paper records and Regional Chief Nursing Officer Grace Tousignant adds that it also makes for a seemless transfer of medical records between providers and health care facilities, as well as within hospital departments.

“So if you’re seen in the clinic setting, we will be able to collect data, order medications, do documentation and then if you have to come to the hospital side for any type of care, that information will be able to come over, be part of your medical record and can be shared with all of the practitioners that need to know that information,” Tousignant said.

Training began this past weekend and will continue for new and existing staff. And so far, the transition has been smooth.

“It’s been very positive. There’s been a lot of workflows that we’ve had to change and fix. But it’s been very positive. I think what I heard one nurse say to me was that no matter how hard this is, we see how it’s going to make it better for our patients,” said Tousignant.

An on-site support team is available as issues arise. The use of Epic will allow all three Aspirus locations to be able to exchange medical information.