Jury selected in armed robbery suspect’s trial

L’ANSE — A suspect alleged to be involved in an armed robbery in Baraga County last year has gone to trial.

Bernard Fish, 47, of Shawno, Wisconsin is charged with two counts each of armed robbery, extortion, and unlawful imprisonment.  He is also facing one count of impersonating a peace officer.

Fish’s trial began Monday morning in Baraga County Circuit Court and is scheduled to last through Thursday.  A fourteen-member jury was seated at around 1 p.m.

Fish is accused of robbing two Watton residents at gunpoint in August 2013 while pretending to be a U.S. Marshal.  A co-defendant, Donovan Waupoose, was scheduled to go to trial on the same charges.  However, Waupoose pleaded guilty to delivery or manufacture of marijuana and the seven charges against him have been dropped.