Supreme Court candidate stops in Marquette

His may be running for Supreme Court but Richard Bernstein says he is running for justice. Bernstein stopped in Marquette today and says running for office with a disability makes him even more qualified. He says his blindness has made him more focused and disciplined, proving he can overcome any obstacle. Bernstein says although blind, he sees a world where his talents are sorely needed.

He has been an attorney for 15 years, concentrating on public service and making his career on landmark and groundbreaking cases, expertise he wants to bring to the highest office of the land.

“I believe that it is time that the court system here in Michigan truly does become blind. It should be blind to special interest, blind to partisan politics and blind to political ideology. I want to bring the idea of fairness to the Michigan Supreme Court because through fairness you can have justice,” said Bernstein.

Despite his disability, the candidate has ran 18 marathons and even completed an Iron Man challenge, but Bernstein says running for Supreme Court is the most challenging and exciting competition he’s faced yet. “I believe that as a blind candidate who has faced some challenges who has faced some difficulties and obstacles that you come to the reality that life is not fair but our judges should be and our judges must be,” said Bernstein.

The last day to register for the Nov. 4th election is October 6th.