Committee looking to raise funds for skate park improvements

Marquette’s skate park is looking for help from residents to make some much needed improvements.

The Marquette Skate Park was built eight years ago, but the park is not necessarily finished.  It is in need of a few benches, landscape improvements, and erosion control.

Thanks in part to a program from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, there may be help for the park.

“The idea is, if we raise $10,000–which is a huge, hefty sum–but it’s meant to be achieved through hundreds of people just giving small amounts of money. Then it’s very achievable,” Marquette Skate Park Committee member Nheena Weyer Ittner said. “But once we achieve the $10,000, then the MEDC will kick in a matching $10,000. We’ll have $20,000 to invest in the skate plaza.”

There are also plans to create skateable art, for both skateboarders and the general public to enjoy.

“We’ll hook skateboarders up with artists and technicians and we’ll kind of combine our efforts and design something that those skateboarders will absolutely love, and so we’ll see what happens,” Ittner said.

So far about $600 dollars has been raised, but there’s a deadline:  September 27.

To donate, and to learn more about the project, click here.