The Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post hosted an open house at their facility today.

The public was invited to come out and see the operation as well as some of the additional features that aren’t always needed at the scene of a crime or accident.

It’s one of many open houses held at MSP posts throughout the year and it gives the troopers the opportunity to commune with the public.

“We live, and work, and play in this community, and it’s important that people do know that we are also human, and we are part of the community and enjoy being part of the community,” F/Lt. Christine Grabowski said.

Given the current national headline coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, maintaining a positive relationship with the public is important to the state police.

“It’s important for the community to trust the police because we’re the first people that they’re going to see if something happens, whether it’s going to be on a traffic stop if somebody is speeding, or if there’s a crisis in somebody’s home,” Lt. Grabowski said. “It’s important that the community does trust the police. We are here to help and serve our public.”

Among the features community members could interact with include the bomb squad, the forensic lab and a driving simulator that demonstrated the effects of distracted driving. Kids could even get fingerprinted as if they were being booked.

The open house ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.