Production is set to begin at the Eagle Mine, but their work in the community started long before today. Their funding efforts have helped a Marquette jewelry store sell more than just trinkets. Stocked full of gold, silver, copper, and bronze treasures, Bella Beads is now able to expand it’s inventory even further thanks to a Northern Initiative Grant.

“Because of the funding I was able to buy bigger bulk and get better prices on things, so they might not necessarily see a larger amount of quantity but it has made my prices a little bit lower for the public which has actually made me more competitive in my pricing,” said Leila Martin, Owner, Bella Beads.

Martin says they are truly unique because you can come in and purchase ready made jewelry, or buy the pieces needed to make your own. They can even assist you with the designing process. And when it comes to gift giving, they are the crown jewel.

“Even if someone comes in and says I want a blue necklace for my friend, they pick out some of the beads that go into the necklace, it makes it more personal than picking something out on the shelves that you get at a big box store that 15 to 20 other people are going to have the same necklace,” continued Martin.

Bella Beads also offers some free jewelry making classes. For more info visit