Police recruits toughening it out in training

Regional police recruits are halfway through their training program. As we were with them day one of academy training, we thought we would check back in and see how they are doing. Thirteen went in and 13 are still sticking it out as the new recruits reach week 8 in their training. And some are loving every minute of it.

“Actually, I really enjoy all of the training. Being a cop is something I always wanted to do. Every aspect of the training, I really enjoy. Everything from learning the laws to the hands on stuff,” said Darick Copenen, Regional Police Recruit.

“We do expect them to use common sense and training be able to identify and diffuse certain situations, which they are doing a good job of, said Trooper Bill Witt, M.S.P. Emergency Support Team.

This week the recruits are knee deep in tactical police operations. including volatile and hostage situations. Although departments have hostage negotiators, police have to handle the situation until they arrive.

“They are trying to put us in these situations where we actually make mistakes so they can teach us the right way so we know how to do it when we are actually faced with that situation, in a real life situation, continued Coponen.

“This day and age it is becoming a more and more violent society and police officers are responding to more and more volatile situations and through training and experience they have to be prepared to handle the situations for the protection of the public and the protection of themselves,” continued Troop Witt.

“Officer training is the #1 priority. It is the most important think to keep in mind to make sure you are safe,” continued Coponen.

With eight weeks of training left, recruits say they also have to stay on top of their game when it comes to the physical requirements such as the running, vertical jumps, sit–up and push–ups.