Yoga instructor offers personalized routines online

Yoga has many benefits, whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

Many people, however, believe they aren’t flexible enough for yoga, or are too busy to attend a session. Jessica Wilson is a Yoga Fit trained instructor who offers yoga instruction and demonstration online. She operates under the name Yoga 4 Everybody and her mission is just that, regardless of your flexibility, body type or age.

“I teach people how to be flexible,” Wilson said. “You don’t have to already be flexible to practice yoga at all. And that’s one of the great things about my training with Yoga Fit, actually, is because they have so many trainings for different body types; I had a yoga for seniors training where I learned a lot about how to modify the poses of yoga so that everyone can practice.”

Wilson began offering personalized yoga demonstrations on a website called Fiverr, where vendors offer a service for just five dollars. Since then she has partnered with businesses to promote their yoga materials and even expanded her demonstration videos to include her son, Eli.

Wilson said, “We live in a beautiful place, here in the U.P., and I’m able to bring my son with me, to help me demonstrate and instruct. Of course I do most of the talking and teaching, but he offers a lot just because of the fact that he has that student perspective and he’s always been a student of mine since he was two years old, and he just has a lot of fun with it.”

In addition to offering personalized routines, Wilson’s yoga demonstrations can be found on YouTube and more information is also available on her website: